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LPG Firefighting Training - Sponsor a fire department or donate propane

Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC), in conjunction with the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) is offering comprehensive training program aimed to ensure that Canada’s first responders are prepared for incidents involving liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

“Although LPG transportation incidents are very rare, Transport Canada wants to see industry supporting first responders,” says Spencer Buckland, President ERAC. “By offering LPG Firefighting Training, ERAC and our industry Plan Participants ERAP plan holders are demonstrating full support of Canada’s first responders.”

The first component of the program, LPG Firefighting Awareness online training, will be offered free-of-charge by ERAC. Upon successful completion of the 11-module online awareness training, first responders can then enroll in the LPG Level 1 Mobile Operations training course. The cost of the two-day LPG Level 1 Mobile Operations training is $350 per student.

Plan Participants can sponsor a fire department, in their province or territory of choice, for the LPG Level 1 Mobile Operations training course. The minimum sponsorship of a fire department will be $350. ERAC Plan Participants can also donate propane in the form of a dollar amount or product donation and delivery, for use during the LPG Level 1 Mobile Operations training.

To sponsor a fire department or donate propane for training, please send email to info@erac.org or (587) 349-5880.

“The OAFC works diligently with partners like ERAC to ensure firefighters receive opportunities for quality, affordable training,” said OAFC President, Stephen Hernen. “The LPG Firefighting Training program offered by ERAC is another step in keeping communities and first responders safe from incidents involving LPG, and we are thrilled to see ERAC and the propane industry, spearhead LPG training for Ontario’s firefighters.”