Become a Remedial Measures Advisor and/or Technical Advisor

If you are interested in becoming a Remedial Measures Advisor (RMA) for LPG and/or a Technical Advisor (TA) for the Flammable Liquids Divisions of ERAC, please email your resume to

Here are a few of the requirements to become an RMA and/or TA. RMAs and TAs need to perform activities such as:

  • Physical assessment of various types of containers
  • Cope with adverse out door weather conditions
  • Attend dangerous and hazardous incidents
  • Climbing tank cars and other LPG or Flammable Liquids containers
  • Drive great distances
  • Work in difficult terrain
  • Work with breathing apparatus
  • Long and unscheduled hours of work

You will also require 6 - 7 years of relatable experience in the LPG and/or Flammable Liquids industry.