Dangerous Goods Emergency Response

Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC)'s emergency responders are available 24/7 through our Emergency Call Centre (ECC) telephone number.

When the ECC number has been called, the Emergency Call Centre Operator (ECCO) connects with a Home Base Coordinator (HBC) to provide details on the incident. The HBC assesses the situation based on the information provided and then determines the closest Remedial Measures Advisor (RMA) or Technical Advisor (TA) to be sent to the scene of the emergency. A response team may be dispatched if necessary. If your company is involved in an emergency, the HBC will contact you for permission to implement the plan.

Remedial Measures Advisors and Technical Advisors
First on the scene

Arrival time: within 6 hours or less of being called out.

Our technical and product experts provide advice and assistance in handling the incident. In some instances, they also may conduct minor repairs.

Response Teams
Hands-on expertise

Arrival time: within 12 hours or less of being called out.

Our Response Teams bring all the necessary equipment and expertise to perform remedial measures. Our emergency responders are experts in initial containment, confinement, transferring, flaring products and purging LPG and flammable liquids containers.

Home Base Co-ordinator

The Home Base Co-ordinator (HBC) performs the vital function of keeping the ECCO, RMAs, TAs, response teams and your company in constant communication. This starts from the moment we get the call and continues until the emergency has been handled successfully.


Once a year, ERAC conducts regional training for the RMAs, TAs, Response Team Leaders (RTLs), Alternate Team Leaders (ATLs) as well as all response team members to test their skills and update them on any new developments.

In addition, every two years, ERAC holds a National Training Forum (Nationals), which brings together all of our RTLs, TAs, RMAs, ERAC management & leadership and committee members. The National Training Forum is Canada’s largest flammable gases and liquids ERAP preparedness and response forum for our responders.

In addition to the contracted responders, ERAC has full- and part-time technical advisors located throughout Canada who are leading experts in the emergency response field, with a variety of hazmat specialties and firefighting credentials, for example:

  • advanced tank car specialist
  • highway transportation specialist
  • intermodal transportation specialist
  • anhydrous ammonia specialist
  • bulk flammable liquids firefighter
  • NFPA 1001/1081 firefighter
  • ICS 300
  • ethanol emergency response specialist

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